Retail 4.0 is here - finally!

To create a seamless Omni-Channel experience for your customers, we've invented a whole new shopping system, that digitizes your Brick and Mortar stores! 

...and it's talking fashion!

We truly believe in a world, where consumers buy fashion without queueing. A world where your customers can check with their smartphone whether the shirt they are currently fitting is also available in another size while being in the fitting room. And a world where consumers can benefit from discounts you grant them while they where already up to hang that shirt back to the clothes hanger.

Enabled by a smart electronic article surveillance and an App

In conjunction with a smartphone app, our intelligent article surveillance enables you to digitize your stores - from the ordering process through to mobile and theft-proof self-checkout for your customers. 

We've developed an electronic article surveillance system which opens automatically after payment and can be removed from the goods. After the surveillance system has been removed, the customer can leave the shop without an alarm.

This enables a unique shopping experience without queuing and redefines the current payment process by having a POS everywhere in the store.

The App

Our App allows you to interact with your customers. Whether it's just showing them further informtaion about the product like pictures or videos or sending them discounts while they are in your store. It offers different payment methods and offers recommendations to your customers.  
Already have an App? No problem, you can integrate our API. If not, just take ours - it's available in the App Store as well as on Google Play. 

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Different Article Surveillances

You've got the choice! Choose between our BASIC article surveillance and our PRO model with display, which will always show the latest price.




Our intelligent article surveillance not only enables a theft-proof self-checkout but also lots of other features that will make you a fully digitized retailer.

Inventory listing by Indoor Tracking

You're wasting endless time with counting the articles you really have? Enabled by intelligent indoor tracking we're able to provide you a list of all your articles equipped with NoQ-tags within minutes.

Always displaying the latest Price

You're not able to offer a Happy Hour because you can't change the prices on the articles that fast?Digitizing your retail business with NoQ allows you to show your customers the latest price. If you choose our intelligent article surveillance with display you'll never have to print a price label again. 

Sending Coupons to your customers

Your customers are hesitating? Create rules that will automatically send coupons to hesitating customers or customers that haven't bought something in your store for a long time and many more.

Personalized Ads

You don't really know your customers? We do! Based on their shopping history in your and other stores we know what your customers want and give you the chance to do cross-selling by showing personalized ads to them. 

Wide range of Payment Methods

Your customers request payment methods you have never heard of? Just let us take care of it. In our app we're offering a wide range of payment methods and we're offering new ones regularly.

Show available Sizes

You've seen customers searching for sizes that have been available in your store but located at the wrong place? With NoQ you'll be able to show your customers which sizes are still available and even the area where they can find them.

Recommend similar Items

In your e-commerce store you're showing similar items or items other customers bought to your customers? You can also recommend similar items in your Brick-and-Mortar stores now!

Easy Click and Collect 

The process of click&collect is too complex for you? Not with NoQ! We're giving your customers an App where they can order and pick it by themselves. Don't want your customers to pick their articles? No problem we'll show your staff the location of the articles to pick.

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